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So Pablo Sandoval Plays Left Field Now

By Bryan Rose

The whole Major League Baseball in Taiwan trip is essentially a goodwill gesture, for a lack of better terms. Having little leaguers participate in camps with the Big Boys, all that hoopla. That’s all good. So it shouldn’t come as any shock that the players themselves are having a grand ol’ time, taking opportunities to do things they couldn’t do in a big league game.

For example – does that #48 above look familiar to you? It should.

Look, I know Pablo most likely asked to play the outfield and Bochy didn’t have the nerds to say no. And no, it shouldn’t be much of a big deal normally – but this is the same guy who is still nursing an injury. The same guy who missed a handful of games down the stretch, in a playoff race, because of that injury. The fact that he’s playing in meaningless games is oddball enough – but now in the outfield?

Dammit Bruce. You cause us enough heart issues – don’t get the Panda hurt grazing in left. You know how delicate they can be!1!11!!!!!!!11111!!1