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Morosi: Giants Willing To Trade Jonathan Sanchez

By Bryan Rose

Jon Paul Morosi might not have the best ideas – but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a solid reporter. And that leads me into his piece this morning in which he confirms the Giants are open to moving starter Jonathan Sanchez for offensive help:

"In an effort to free up money so they can pursue offensive upgrades, the Giants are willing to trade starter Jonathan Sanchez, according to major-league sources.The Giants have one of the best (and most expensive) starting rotations in baseball. One rival executive projected that, including salary arbitration awards, the team’s six returning starters – Sanchez, Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, Ryan Vogelsong, Madison Bumgarner, and Barry Zito – could combine to earn as much as $60 million in 2012. That is roughly half of the team’s payroll."

Obviously, the Giants are open to pretty much moving anybody outside of a special few if the price is right, Sanchez included, so this doesn’t strike me as something we didn’t already know. The difference (and we don’t know this) is are they willing to trade him only if the price is right or is Sabean willing to part with him for a marginal offensive upgrade?

Right now, the Giants need Sanchez. With Surkamp needing more time in the minors and Barry Zito, well, Barry Zito, the Giants don’t have much to play with when it comes to their fifth starter role.

Granted, they could go out and try to pick up an aging fifth starter and move Sanchez for some offensive help before the start of the season, but of course, you have to deem the incoming player worthy of that offensive help. I really question any current trade offer improving the offense that drastically right now. Sanchez, wild and as frustrating as he can be at times still holds a strong value in a weak pitching market and gives the Giants a much needed fifth arm until they can find another solution.

If I’m Sabean, I do my diligence on finding an extra starter for the Spring – see how it works out. I give Surkamp a half season in the minors, let Sanchez build up his value (it can’t get that much lower than it currently is) and create a bidding war between clubs who need a starter come deadline time, which there always is – especially for a lefty who hasn’t hit 30 yet.

I’m not saying don’t trade Jonathan Sanchez – I’m just saying don’t sell low.