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Embezzlement Charges Against Giants Employee Expanded

By Melissa Felkins

I don’t know if you caught this story back in the summer where the former San Francisco Giants payroll manager was charged with embezzlement of 1.5 million dollars. Now, they’ve increased the amount to 2.2 million. Apparently she set up a few other bank accounts in her name and was diverting part of employee and player salaries into her account.

I don’t want to get into all the details, you can read all about her from those links. I’m just happy to see the Giants front office taking embezzlement seriously. I mean, not only did they fire this lady, but remember when they fired Miguel Tejada and Aaron Rowand this summer? Yeah, I’m pretty sure almost every bit of their salaries could be considered embezzlement as well. What I just can’t figure out is, with all the evidence, why they haven’t caught up with Barry Zito yet for his years of stealing money from the Giants. Hopefully this lady was at least embezzling money from Zito’s paycheck. I mean, when you make as much as Zito, who would really notice a few hundred thousand missing each pay period? In fact, if she was stealing from Zito (and there is nothing saying she did, other than what I would have done), it could be considered in the best interest of the fans, wouldn’t you think?

At any rate, I’m glad they caught her. That’s more money for us to spend on

Grady SizemoreCoco CrispOrlando Cabrera

.  That still doesn’t really explain the $9 beers though.