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Mychael Urban No Longer Giants Insider For CSN Bay Area

By Bryan Rose

If you follow “teh Urbz” on that Tweeter device, chances are, you were most likely wondering why Urban changed his handle and started promoting some cheap WordPress.com blog. And you know you were.

Thankfully, Rich Liberman gives us the scoop de jour:

"Mychael Urban is out as a Giants and MLB Insider at Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, according to a source familiar with the cable outlet."

Urban, for some odd reason, was a bit polarizing. Maybe it was the mildly cocky ‘tude he presented or the fact that he argued with fan opinion rather than take it in the hooser to appease his bosses. Maybe it was the inability to get past his mid-90’s Barry Bonds earring. Either way, citing “personality/contnet” differences, Urban is out.

No word on who will replace him at CSN Bay Area – but if it’s good ol Bip Roberts, I’m finding a noose, ASAP.