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Coco Crisp’s Agent Says He’d Like To Play For Giants

By Bryan Rose

I’m not a big fan of Coco Crisp. I admit it. My Mother always told me to never root for players named after breakfast cereals or board games. She was right about Milton Bradley – clearly, she’ll be right about Coco Crisp. Mother’s always know best, right!?!

Seriously though, as for Crisp, his agent Steve Comte told Susan Slusser of Chronicle that his client would be a good fit for the Giants:

"“Covelli has made it clear that he would like to play for a team that is determined to compete, and he’d also like to stay on the West Coast,” Comte said, using Crisp’s first name. “I think the Giants would be a viable option for him and vice versa.”"


I just can’t get into Crisp. He’s a walking injury, never playing in more than 145 games in a season and he’s played over 118 only once in the last four years. Statistically, he hasn’t had a good season since ’08 in Boston and while he’s solid on defense, the money he’s going to command – I can’t help but think Andres Torres is a more viable option. I know Torres isn’t a popular option and I’m certainly not clamoring for him to return, but I just don’t see a massive upgrade in going from Torres to Crisp – especially given the difference in money.

They’re essentially the same player to me – Crisp being a slightly better version, but, not five or six million better.