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Carlos Beltran Fires Power Agent Scott Boras

By Bryan Rose

A bit of shocking news this morning as it’s being reported that Carlos Beltran has left uber-agent Scott Boras, per Jerry Crasnick on Twitter:

"Carlos Beltran has left super agent Scott Boras and is now begin represented by Dan Lozano."

Hard not to happy that Beltran removed himself from Boras’ suspect tactics and is now represented by Dan Lozano’s Icon Sports Group.

In addition to Beltran, Lozano represents quite a few free agents this off-season, some of the top names include Jimmy Rollins and Albert Pujols.

Beltran will still be in line for a hefty payday, but hopefully without Boras in the mix, it wont take until January for Carlos to sign, holding multiple teams hostage as Boras loves to do.