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Yankees Exercise Option On Swisher – Out Of Beltran Sweepstakes?

By Bryan Rose

According to Marc Craig on Twitter, the New York Yankees have picked up their $10.25 million dollar offer on Nick Swisher for 2012, meaning they’ll most likely be out of the Carlos Beltran sweepstakes:

"Yankees have picked up options on Swisher and Cano"

It’s been said for a few weeks now that if the Yankees decided to pick up Swisher’s team option, they’d no longer be interested in Carlos Beltran – I say they’re “most likely” out of it because, well, they are the Yankees. Free agency is their blue light special and if they could convince a team out of the Winter Meeting’s to take on Swisher’s contract, they might re-enter the Beltran drama. Chances of that happening are slim, so, Beltran most likely wont be a target for the Bronx Bombers – I’m just not ready to confidently say there is no chance they wont make a move and circle around one last time.

If the Yankees do decide to pass though, which for now it appears they will, it’s a big plus for the Giants – assuming you’re on the side that wants Beltran back. If not, well, um, you don’t really want David DeJesus, do you?