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Important Dates For San Francisco Giant Fans

By Bryan Rose

With the World Series now officially over (congrats, you Angry Birds) – it’s time to focus back on Giants baseball.

Major League Baseball has decided to push back the start of the free agency period, delaying it by 24 hours meaning all team/player/mutual option decisions are due by 11:59pm ET on Monday, October 31st (think Jeremy Affeldt). As for new Giants? They can sign as early as 12:01am ET on Thursday, November 3rd, though don’t expect the Giants to throw down their few dollars that quickly. We’re going bargain shopping! *nom nom nom COCO CRISP nom nom nom DAVID DEJESUS nom nom nom*

In addition to the free agent period, other important dates for Giant fans are:

  • November 23rd – Last day for clubs to offer salary arbitration to Type-A or B free agents in order to receive draft pick compensation.
  • December 7th – Last day for players to accept their arbitration cases.
  • December 5th through 8th – Sabean’s time to lay on the beach and cruise the strip for overpaid shortstops and centerfielders. Also known as the Winter Meetings.
  • December 12th – Quite possibly the biggest day for Giant fans as it’s the last day for the Giants to tender contracts to players with less than six years of Major League Service. Think arbitrational players like Pablo Sandoval, Ryan Vogelsong, Andres Torres, Emmanuel Burris, etc. We’ll get a much more definitive answer as to who will be in the Giants 2012 plans and potentially beyond.

For those curious, the following Giants are Type A or Type B free agents. As mentioned above, the Giants have until November 23rd to offer the following players arbitration or risk losing them for nothing:

  • Cody Ross (Type B)
  • Jeremy Affeldt (Type B)
  • Javier Lopez (Type B)
  • Pat Burrell (Type B)
  • Carlos Beltran (Type A, however, it’s written in Beltran’s contract that he cannot be given salary arbitration, so Beltran is a pure free agent)

Going to be a busy offseason for Sabean *nom nom nom JAMEY CARROLL nom nom nom RE-SIGN ORLANDO CABRERA nom nom* and company. Strap on your seatbelt’s, scooter.