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Cleveland Indians To Decline Grady Sizemore’s Option – Giants Interested?

By Bryan Rose

Some Giants related news via the Cleveland Indians this afternoon as MLB.com’s Jordan Bastian confirms that the Indians are indeed expected to decline Grady Sizemore’s hefty team option.

"According to MLB.com’s Jordan Bastian, the Indians are expected to decline Grady Sizemore’s option and pick up the $7 million option on Fausto Carmona."

Granted, this certainly doesn’t mean Sizemore wont be back in Cleveland as the Indians would love to have him return on a far lesser salary, but, the door is open for the Giants – assuming they want to come in.

According to Bastain, the Indians brass met this week and decided the money due to Sizemore for the upcoming season simply wasn’t worth the injury risk given the other solid options of Michael Brantley and Shin-Soo Choo – now the questions beg – do the Giants feel the risk is worth it and can they convince Grady to come West…