SF Giants Prospects

Seedlings To Starts Features Giants’ Prospect Gary Brown

By Bryan Rose

Gary Brown has a lot going for him. I mean, he’s my favorite Giants farmhand – there’s a good chance he’s yours as well, and maybe more importantly – he has an uber crush on teen sensation Taylor Swift.

So when the Cal State Fullerton product isn’t spending his off-time with Brandon Crawford at T-Swizzle concerts or creating havoc on the basepaths, he’s getting critiqued by the good guys over at Seedlings To Stars. Nathaniel Stoltz breaks down Brown’s fantastic 2011 season, but isn’t so sure to commit on just how good Brown will be:

"Brown’s speed and defense will give him a career, and he’s certainly shown enough promise with the bat that he could well be an offensive asset as well. The question is ultimately whether he’ll just be an Adam Jones sort of player who just treads water with the bat, or if he’ll evolve into a truly dynamic five-tool center fielder a la Andrew McCutchen or Shane Victorino."

Taking the biased black and orange views out of it, Stoltz isn’t very far off. The California League is known for its hitting, as is the AAA PCL, which is why I think we saw some hesitation from Giants GM Brian Sabean when pressed about where Brown will start 2012. Talent wise, there’s no reason for Brown not to be in Fresno for 2012 – but you’re going to get inflated stats. Richmond, which is located in the pitcher friendly Eastern League might be the preferable destination to start ’12 before a mid-season move to Fresno.

The other issue Stoltz brings up is age – something that isn’t a huge issue currently, but, could be given Brown’s play for the upcoming season. At 23 and another full season at least to be spent in the minors, the polish needs to be there when Brown arrives at 3rd and King. I certainly understand Stoltz’s concern, but with that all said, Brown has an elite tools package. Granted, that’s not always a translation into an above average Major League player but in Brown’s case, his speed and defensive abilities will make sure that he has a career with the big boy league.

This next season will be a big one for Brown – hopefully the Giants handle his situation a bit better then they have some previous prospects (and I’m not just talking Belt) and we see him running wild at AT&T  in 2013.