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San Francisco Giants Arbitration 2011: Ryan Vogelsong’s Free Agency

By Bryan Rose

In the past few weeks we’ve ran down a handful of Giants and their pending arbitration cases. Today, we look at the resurgent Ryan Vogelsong.

With Vogelsong, unlike with a few others, there shouldn’t be much difficulty when it comes to getting a contract done for the 2012 season and beyond. The main questions with Vogelsong will be for how much and how long.

As much as Ryan needed the Giants last season, the Giants need him just as much going into this off-season. With huge question marks surrounding both Barry Zito and Jonathan Sanchez, not to mention other starters like Eric Surkamp who need more time in the Minors, losing Vogelsong to free agency this off-season isn’t an option. Replicating his 2011 campaign isn’t going to be easy, but Voggy isn’t a flash in the pan who ran into a streak of extended luck this past Summer. Take all the emotion and good feelings out of the equation, Vogelsong knows how to pitch, something you couldn’t say even a few years ago.

So what are we looking at with Vogelsong for 2012? From an arbitration standpoint, he stands to gain around $4 million dollars, but I don’t suspect the Giants or Vogelsong will struggle to complete a multi-year deal. The Giants will be trying to scrape every penny from the bottom of their

rainy day fund

barrel, so I’d expect a two year deal worth $7 million – a small discount for an extra year of security. Either way, no fear in grabbing some Vogelsong gear – he’ll be a Giant for the considerable future.