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Rihanna & Matt Kemp Reunite, Giants Win ’12 NL West Thanks To Pop Singer

By Bryan Rose

If somebody outside of Matt Kemp takes home the National League MVP trophy this season, the rig was in. The Dodgers outfielder was nothing short of marvelous in the 2011 campaign, finishing the season with a gaudy .324/39/126 line in the pitcher friendly NL West.

As for Kemp’s emergence this past season, it’s tough to figure out why he put it all together – many around the Dodgers and Kemp saying the removal of the off-field distractions he encountered while dating the pop singer that hampered his 2010 season were a big attribute to his success. While eloping with Rihanna last year, Kemp struggled mightily, only mustering a .249/28/89 triple slash. So, it comes as welcome news for foes in the NL West that the Dodgers slugger was spotted canoodling with Rihanna in London recently, the two getting groovy in a few nightclubs around the city.

Upon being photographed by the paparazzi, Kemp stopped hustling through the nightclub and lazily strolled to his exit, taking a few bad routes on the way out while whiffing on a few drinks before he reached his destination outside of the club.

And that’s your daily San Francisco Giants TMZ report. What? You try finding Giants news right now. I can only talk about so many arbitration cases – I’ve resorted to pumpkin carving and gossip-style reporting. Tomorrow we’ll figure out how to wax like Brian Wilson and how to paste on “PAPI” rhinestones to ones thong. Stay tuned. You know you want to…