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Wait, So Trading Matt Cain For Jesus Montero Makes Sense Why?

By Bryan Rose

Being a Yankee fan is somewhat like walking into Toys R Us as a seven year old, grabbing the cart from your Mother/Father and essentially putting every single awesome toy you see into your basket. Screw the price, DID YOU SEE THE AWESOME TOYZ?!!?

So it comes to me as no shock that Matt Cain, a free agent after the upcoming season, is the fanciest of toys in demand for some New York media members

"…adding a top pitcher again will be GM Brian Cashman’s priority. Only this time he’ll probably be more aggressive in trying to trade for one. One major league scout yesterday suggested the Yankees might be able to convince the offensively challenged Giants to trade Matt Cain for Jesus Montero."

Harper makes it clear that the Giants aren’t in need of catching help, assuming Posey returns to Posey-ish form as expected, but explains the Giants could turn Montero into a first baseman and move Belt to the outfield, spending the money they’d give to Cain in a new contract on a much needed shortstop like Jose Reyes.

Breaking it down, the Giants would essentially be trading Cain for Reyes (in Harper’s scenario) and Montero – from a name only standpoint, that’s certainly not the most awful trade we’ve seen. But the Giants are built on pitching – you have to be to win at AT&T. In addition, you’re moving what should be a very strong defensive first baseman into the outfield for Montero, whos main offensive pluses stem from being a catcher. At first, he becomes an average bat. This also doesn’t take into account the injury issues Jose Reyes would deal with in the cool San Francisco weather. He stiffens up more than AC/DC’s upper lip – put those legs in the damp China Basin? 120 games a season would be a fantastic year…

Despite the Giants need for a player with Reyes’ tools and as nice as Montero might be in a few years, losing a 27 year old, year in-year out Cy Young candidate pitcher isn’t something the Giants can deem affordable.