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Astros Bud Norris Not Thrilled With Giants’ Brian Wilson Taco Commercials

By Bryan Rose

If you’ve watched at least one inning of the postseason this year, chances are, you’ve been exposed to the horrifically awful Brian Wilson Taco Bell commercials. If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky and run as quickly as possible to your local QuickieMart and grab a lotto ticket. No, seriously, stop reading and go.

For the rest of you, I feel your pain. And apparently, so does Houston Astro,  um, “Ace?” Bud Norris:

"Does Brian Wilson play baseball or work in Hollywood? I can’t tell but his Taco Bell commercials are a joke."

Granted, I’m with Bud on one account – the commercials, they’re pretty bad. The premise is pretty terrible, the writing is even worse and Wilson generally tries too hard in the piece. But, with that said, the whole “closer” motif has become an annual Taco Bell theme, using the Yankees Mariano Rivera in past seasons. So, assuming they wanted a change from Rivera or Mariano was done with the acting thing, what other closer in the Major’s are you going to pick?

Pretty easy call.

Maybe next year they’ll be interested in creating a new campaign that features starting pitchers with a career 4.30+ ERA. Maybe they’ll call it the “Overrated tAAAco”?

H/T Big League Stew