SF Giants Rumors

Killing The Rumor – C.C. Sabathia To Giants Is Sillyness

By Bryan Rose

In the few days since the elimination of the New York Yankees, rumors of have surfaced that their ace and Bay Area native C.C. Sabathia is thinking of opting out of his hefty contract in hopes of securing one final long term deal. The Boston Globe did their best to pour gasoline on the rumors, naming the Giants as one of the potential destinations in Sabathia’s wishlist.

"Will he or won’t he opt out of the remaining four years at $92 million of his contract? There is growing sentiment that he will. Where would he go? The usual suspects would be the Red Sox, Angels, Dodgers, Giants, and Tigers."

On the surface for Sabathia, there are certainly reasons to lace them up for the black and orange. Beyond essentially playing for his “hometown”, finally moving out of the AL (outside of his small stint in Milwaukee) and into a pitcher friendly NL West would only make his excellence grow. Teaming with Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner? Pure filth. Add in the fact that he’d love to play with fellow Bay Area native and friend Jimmy Rollins (another potential Giant free agent signee), there are plenty of positives in San Francisco for the Yankee ace.

Of course, the Giants can in no way afford Sabathia – well, at least not currently. Sure, when Barry Zito and Aaron Rowand are no longer squatting on the Giants payroll it could be an option with hefty back loading/front loading of particular contracts, but barring a buyout we’re a few years away from removing the Zito ball and chain. Not to mention, the Giants have more pressing needs than another starting pitcher. In short, fughettaboutit’…

We’ve been through this before with C.C. – as long as Sabathia is on the lookout for a new contract, the Giants will always be of mention given their locale. But that’s all it is – a mention.