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Speculation: Bruce Bochy To Boston Red Sox?

By Bryan Rose

Well, this is a doozy – one I necessarily wouldn’t be opposed to but in my opinion has little chance of happening.

ESPN’s Buster Olney (HEARD THIS!1!1!!) tweeted this morning that the Boston Red Sox could possibly ask the San Francisco Giants for permission to speak with Bruce Bochy:

"All speculation, but if I were in Theo’s shoes, some managerial candidates I’d ask for permission to speak to: Bochy; Wedge; Pete Mackanin."

On the surface, it might seem like an odd fit. I mean, San Diego and San Francisco aren’t Boston from a media standpoint – I’m not sure Bochy’s Tweedledee personality would mesh all that well in the land of Dunkin’ Donuts. But moving past that, Bochy and Red Sox GM Theo Epstein do have a relationship from their time in San Diego. Of course, nobody knows if Theo will be in Boston given the Cubs vacant GM position – either way though, something to keep your eye on. Contractually, Boston could easily outbid San Francisco with money and years if they so desired and given Bochy’s lack of a current long term contract, I’m doubting this will be the final time we hear at least some speculation. Doubtful anything comes from it, but…stranger things have taken place.