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Mike Krukow Says Giants Clubhouse Turned On Aubrey Huff

By Bryan Rose

During yesterday’s end of the year press conference, there were two main players who took a beating – Brandon Belt and Aubrey Huff. And while I’m still a little miffed on the Belt pinata, the Huff one was more than clear. Get it together or get lost.

So with that said, earlier this morning, Mike Krukow took to the Murph and Mac show talking baseball playoffs for the majority of the 15 minute piece. However, towards the end (scroll to the 9:30 mark, if interested) Krukow dropped quite a bombshell, saying a large portion of the Giants team turned on Aubrey Huff halfway through the season:

"At the end of last year, he had as much credibility in the clubhouse as anybody – maybe more so because of, uh, what he did and where he came from. And uh, when you uh, have that type of credibility with your teammates, you don’t throw that around. And halfway through this year he lost a LOT (emphasized by Krukow’s tone) of it when he went with the case of raw (?) “some years you’re good, some years you’re bad” comment – and the guys in the clubhouse raised an eyebrow to that, cause you know what? You can’t BS a teammate. They know what homework you did in the offseason. They know how hard you worked. They know how hard you work during the season. And he uh, he didn’t convince them. So he lost that credibility. He lost that credibility in that clubhouse and it’s up to him to get it back and there’s only one way he’s going to get it back. It’s not going to be with something you say, it’s going to be with that body you bring back into camp next year – what kind of shape you’re in. So that’s the challenge – I hope he answers it. It was hard to watch…"

Frankly, I’m a little shocked at the amount of times Huff has been thrown under the bus in the past 48 hours. Not that I think he doesn’t deserve the criticism, but, he’s really been beat around by a variety of people who normally stray away from the berating.

However, given what we know now – I’m not sure what’s more alarming. The fact that so many in the organization felt the way they do about Huff or the fact that one of those who apparently feels that way, continually penciled him into the starting lineup knowing what they did.