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So You Didn’t Want Jimmy Rollins In San Francisco Anyway…

By Bryan Rose

Yankees ace and good friend of Jimmy Rollins predicted the Phillies shortstop would like to come back to the Bay next season – and considering Rollins himself predicted Sabathia’s landing spot well before the ink dried on his New York contract, one had to take C.C.’s comment with some merit. Combine that with the black and orange’s current shortstop situation and the poor free agent market outside of the Rollins/Reyes group, it seemed like a somewhat reasonable fit for most – only the parameters of a contract most likely to hinder the move.

Oh, yeah, speaking of that contract

"Rollins isn’t tipping his hand about possible landing spots. But he’s clear on two things: One is that he is looking forward to his free agency, and the other is that he seeks a five-year deal.“Five would be great. Five would be the number,” Rollins said. “I don’t think I want six or seven. You start thinking about 39 (years old). Do I want to play at 39?”The Phillies are typically close-mouthed about their plans, but one league source said he envisioned them trying to keep a Rollins deal to three years. The Phillies are said to like Rollins very much, are mostly understanding about Rollins’ own program and seem not to mind a slight overpay for their own stars. One baseball executive saw Rollins getting $56 million for four years, and another said he could see Rollins staying with the Phillies for three years and at “at least” $12 million a year."

*straight face*

Soooooooooo….Brandon Crawford – how’s that swing doin’?!