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Giants’ Pitching Staff Has Nearly 10 With Sub 3.00 ERA’s

By Bryan Rose

Seriously, look at those. Look at the ERA’s. Now think about it – think about removing Madison Bumgarner’s one HORRIFICALLY bad start when he gave up 9 runs (8 earned) in 0.1 innings. Think about Brian Wilson returning from the DL when he gave up five runs in his first 1.1 innings – remove that. The Giants essentially would have had their top ten pitchers with sub 3.00 ERA’s. Crazy to think about.

I hope Sabean has a 20% off coupon for his ProFlowers.com order – you better splurge on the chocolate’s and “I’m Sorry” teddy bear too, Savvy. Those ten guys need far more than an apology for wasting their terrific performances.