SF Giants News

Torture Goes On and On and On…

By Melissa Felkins

The Giants won last night. At least I think it was last night when the game ended. Giants 8, Dodgers 5. For a non-extra innings game, it sure seemed to go on. Just when you thought it was over, Casilla gets two on and we got to see Brian Wilson’s scowling



Other than beating the Dodgers, which really is what it’s all about, it kept the Diamondbacks from clinching at least a share of the NL West title. That means the torture this season continues…for now.

It’s really not that I don’t think we’ll make playoffs (okay, I really don’t think we’ll make playoffs). I think we can, but I don’t think it’s likely. That said, our best chance is winning the NL West, despite there being less games deficit in the Wild Card race. I mean, we do play the Diamondbacks soon and in the Wildcard, our chances hinges on two teams, not one.

I’m still holding on to a shred of hope. One single tiny shred. It’s all I need.