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Jose Reyes To The San Francisco Giants? Keep Dreaming

By Bryan Rose

Jose Reyes is almost too perfect of a fit for the San Francisco Giants. He’s a premier leadoff hitter. He brings speed. He’s a solid defensive shortstop. You couldn’t ask for much more in a free agent signing from an on-field perspective.

The problem we’ve ran into when it came to adding Reyes for the 2012 season and beyond (hypothetically) was nothing more than fiscal and the current roadblocks are thanks to some hefty mega deals still on the books *glares at Rowand and Zito*. Combine those with the arbitational eligible players and the Carlos Beltran situation, it’s difficult to see where the money would come from…

But, but. We have Beltran, at least for now,  and he’s subliminally campaigned for his former Mets running mate. We have an elite team with an even solid offense thanks to this pitching staff. The Giants lack any solid options at Reyes’ position – it’s a match made in heaven if the money is right…..right?

Well, according to Baggs, not to Reyes:

"Heard this: Ain’t no way Jose Reyes will consider signing with the Giants this winter."

On the surface, it’s difficult to see why the Giants wouldn’t be near the top of his list, assuming (and it’s a large assumption) he’d get the money he wanted from San Francisco. But then you look at previous players who’ve spurned the Giants due to the difficult nature of hitting in the Phone Booth. You look at players, say for instance Carlos Lee, who pick a team closer to their native homeland over the Giants. Then, as much as we don’t want it to, it starts to make sense – at least to the player.

We’ve seen the positives of being a higher echelon team, we were one of the “desired” in the Beltran sweepstakes, but Beltran’s at a point in his career where he wants to win, Reyes, despite what he might say, isn’t. He’s in big contract mode. He’s in how easy of a travel schedule is it to the Dominican mode. When Reyes’ upcoming contract runs out in four, five, six years, he’ll realize what Beltran currently does. But until then, don’t expect to see Reyes wearing the black and orange this winter.

Given the new ballpark, location to his homeland and desire to bring in some high priced talent, you might see him wearing the Studio 54 colors of the Miami Marlins though.