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Beltran’s Agent Says Carlos Open To Giants Return, Also Full Of It

By Bryan Rose

While in Oakland for the premier of Moneyball (odd, given Boras’ high dollar contracts), uber agent Ari Gold Scott Boras, agent to the Giants’ own Carlos Beltran told the SF Chronicle that Beltran is open to returning next year, something we weren’t so sure of just a few days ago:

"Agent Scott Boras expects slugger Carlos Beltran to seriously consider returning to the San Francisco Giants beyond this season.“Well, you have to remember when Carlos and I sat down to determine what teams he was going to go to, it was his choice,” Boras told The Associated Press on Monday night before attending the “Moneyball” premiere in downtown Oakland. “He came to the Giants for a reason. Obviously he has played very well here. He has gotten a chance to get to know the city and the organization.”"

Well, as great as that sounds – to me it’s nothing more than agent speak. Beltran wants to win and there are about 8-10 teams in the MLB with a legit shot at being a World Series contender. A handful of those teams can’t afford Beltran or would make the choice not to give him the type of money he and Boras desire, so essentially, the Giants (who very much need Beltran) are going to set the market value for the free agent to be. Boras knows that – he needs an offer, a significant one, from the Giants for Beltran’s services.

Given Beltran’s demands (winner, money, etc), I don’t think the market is huge for him – maybe five-ish teams, and while I certainly think the Giants are in the mix I can’t help but brush Boras’ comments off as nothing more than attempts at leverage.