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Aubrey Huff “Roger Dorn’s” It – Giants Still Streaking

By Bryan Rose

Yesterday, I was ear and throat raped by a nasty filthy dirty virus that finds pleasure in making me miserable, so I’m keeping this short, mostly because I don’t wanna die sitting at the computer.

But the Giants are currently in the midst of an eight game win streak. They just swept the Rockies (be it short handed) in Colorado, in a four game series. They hit six homeruns in the game yesterday, four in one inning, two by Pablo. Matt Cain also hit one. And last, but not least, Aubrey Huff dropped another Major League reference:

"Huff on the way he bent back in pain after hit in the right “cheek” by pickoff throw: “I Roger Dorn-ed it. It scared me more than anything.”"

Well, it wasn’t any Pedro Cerano, but it’ll do.