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Beltran A Party Pooper – Doesn’t Celebrate With Team?

By Bryan Rose

When the Giants won in walk-off fashion last night, for some odd reason, I looked to see where Carlos Beltran was. I can’t even exactly tell you why I did, maybe I wanted to see him have a bonding moment with the guys, but either way I just did. I didn’t see him bouncing around in the hoopla near the pitcher’s mound. I didn’t see him jump out of the dugout. I just…didn’t see him at all, outside of the hand shake lineup. I thought it was pretty odd, but I discounted it – maybe he was doing something in the clubhouse, or maybe I just flat missed him.

Then comes the tip from DFA’d on Baggs’ blog – where you can see Beltran and his, well, his something in this video (scroll to the 55 second mark).

You decide – but, sure looks odd given the moment. Yes, Carlos is an extremely cool customer, very rarely showing any emotion – a professional ball player if there ever was one, but really? That’s the reaction? I don’t want to make a ton of it, I’m sure he’s frustrated on how things have went during his short tenure in San Francisco but not even a Jersey Shore fist pump?