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What To Do With Brian Wilson And His “Comeback”

By Bryan Rose

Brian Wilson was a guest with Kruk and Kuip during the game broadcast the other night and he made no secret that he wanted to come back this season, even if


the Giants are eliminated. He also made it no secret that the Giants’ brass aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea, but, it’s still a possibility that he’ll return.

Wilson has continued his throwing activities almost on a daily basis in the past week plus, only to be flanked by the training team watching his every throw, groan and grimace.

With the Giants clinging to less than life support in hopes of a ’11 playoff berth, the question begs, do you let Wilson return and risk a needless injury? Or do you shut him down for the final few games and start anew in ’12?

Wilson, during his interview with K&K let it be known he’d prefer not to go into the off-season without throwing 4-5 innings, just for the simple fact he’d like to know how things are doing and what progression he’s had during his treatment.

How say you? You shutting Wilson down? Or you running him back out for the final week or so of the season?