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Giants’ Bad Offense Turns Historically Bad

By Bryan Rose

It seems like centuries ago that the Giants took two of three in Philadelphia, were sitting 20+ games over .500 and had a very respectable offense. Let us not forget, in July, the Giants (away from the phone booth) ranked third in the National League in hits, sixth in homeruns, third in RBI and fourth in doubles. Nobody was going to confuse the offense with that of the Milwaukee Brewers or Cincinnati Reds, but it was very respectable – better than average one might contend.

But then something happened. Something really bad. Like Dodger blue bad.

According to STATS LLC, the Giants are averaging 2.87 runs per game since the All-Star break — the worst by an N.L. club since the 1974 Padres. Nobody has stunk that bad in nearly 40 years. Talk about an accomplishment.

On the plus side (if you see it that way), you’ll be seeing quite a different offense in 2012. Cody Ross expects to go elsewhere (though he’d be willing to return if the Giants asked). Carlos Beltran most likely will be eastbound and down, my guess would be filling out the Phillies outfield opening. No more Rowand. No more Tejada. A healthy Posey (we hope). A much improved Nate Schierholtz. A healthy Freddy Sanchez. A returning Jeff Keppinger.

If you’re expecting a big offensive addition via free agency, I don’t see it. Financially, the Giants are pushed to the brink. Their best option for a hitter is Beltran, who they’ll obviously make an attempt to bring back, but given his demands, his desires and his agent – the Giants are going to be a last resort option.

No matter what happens – it’s hard not to improve from the worst post All-Star break offense since ’74 – and given their offensive numbers before the break, being average (or maybe even better) is possible with this current group.