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Vogelsong Dominant – Giants’ Offense Full Of Weaksauce In Crushing Loss

By Bryan Rose

If you asked Ryan Vogelsong if yesterday’s start was that pressure packed, I’d venture to say he didn’t think so. That’s not to diminish yesterday’s importance to the 2011 season, it was vital, and Vogelsong shined brighter than any other time – but he wasn’t pitching for his career like many times before, a point brought up by Dave Flemming in the post game show.

Ryan was dominant from start to finish. He literally made two mistakes all game – a hanging breaking ball that Chris Young luckily fouled off and what appeared to be a missed location fastball to Ryan Roberts that was sent into the left field bleachers. That’s it. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Ryan through a more complete, well pitched, dominant game. Unfortunately for he and we fans, the offense wasn’t up to par. Shocking.

The Giants came into the game with a golden opportunity – knocking the D’Backs NL West lead down to five games – certainly nothing to throw a party over, but the hope was still there especially given the three games remaining between the two clubs. I saw two guys yesterday that were ready for that challenge, one being Vogelsong, the other Beltran. That’s it. In no way am I knocking D’Backs starter Daniel Hudson, who tossed a gem of a game, but the Giants’ offense looked like an over-matched little league squad who had more desire for their post-game snacks than their desire to win the game.

It’s difficult to continue to be so frustrated with this cast of characters, mostly because we’re all aware of the current MASH unit we’ve patched together to even form a suitable lineup. No Buster. No Freddy. No Nate. Long portions of the year with no Sandoval. Same with Belt. I could go on, but we know the story. And thanks to this weekend’s series, we know the likely ending.

Assuming the D’Backs were to stumble a bit in the final month of the season, let’s say 10-12 (and that’s pushing it…), just to catch them, the Giants would need to finish their final 22 with a record of 17-5. Not even Buster Douglas is taking those odds.

March is a long way away – enjoy the final 22 games of the season.