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Giants’ Season Makes Or Breaks This Weekend

By Bryan Rose

That’s really all there is to it – it can’t get any more simple. Lose this series, kiss the somewhat already long odds of a postseason spot goodbye. Going down 7 or 9 games with only 22 to go after the two clubs end their weekend tilt, not even David Blaine could wiggle his way out of that hole. But a series win for the Giants changes everything. Currently down 6 games, a sweep alters the course of both clubs’ September and taking two of three still keeps the G’s more than alive for now, but can they do it?

Both squads couldn’t have asked for their pitching rotations to lineup better, the Snakes sending ace Ian Kennedy along with Joe Saunders to the mound while the Giants will oppose with Lincecum, Cain and Voggy. The DBack’s are doing their best anti-2010 Padres, winners of nine straight coming into San Francisco, but hold a 4-8 season record versus the black and orange – which set of odd’s are you hedging your bets on?

The Diamondback’s, for their end of things, would still be sitting decently even with a series loss this weekend and could all but end the Giants’ season with a series victory – but as we’re all aware of, no lead is safe and momentum is a crazy thing in sports. The Giants are going to come out of this series with their heads hanging high or completely discouraged, so how say you? Give us a prediction for the weekend….

Do the Giants miraculously enough sit only three back after Sunday afternoon? Five back? Or are they more or less eliminated sitting back 7 or 9?