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Giants Worst Month In Years Destroys Moral – Playoff Chances

By Bryan Rose

Per Baggs:

"A few weeks ago in Miami, Cody Ross dropped an important word in an otherwise regular old postgame comment.He said, “We can’t be selfish.” Or words to that effect. But “selfish” was definitely part of it.Why would Ross say the players can’t be selfish? Are they? Have they lost that “win for the guy next to me” mentality, which drove them all the way to the parade down Market St. last year?BlogThey look just as pitiful now. And although Bochy aired them out in a forceful meeting three weeks ago at Florida, the players haven’t held their own revival meeting.As one player put it, “Who would call it?”Merc"

While the cast of characters remains similar, it’s clear the additions for the 2011 campaign don’t hold the same magic. One doesn’t need to look any further than an extremely disgruntled Miguel Tejada shaking his head, furious after he was asked to bunt the other night than deciding not to hustle down to first because of his anger.

The Giants, last season, were very patchwork. Some might take that in a negative tone, but, it’s far from that. But they were pieced together and it worked well. Is this team as bad as they currently look? In a word, yesno.

Non fans want to look past the fact that the Giants not only lost two of their three best hitters for the season in Buster Posey and Freddy Sanchez, but have also lost pretty much everybody deemed “important” for a significant amount of time, outside of Timmy, Cainer and MadBum. A healthy Giants team would be challenging Arizona for the divisional lead – possibly even leading, something this team has completely lost its ability to do.

Do I think the Giants will make the playoffs? Well, I’ll put it this way. After game 136 last year, the Giants were 2 games back after an epic Padres collapse. After game 136 this year, they’re 6 games back. Oh, and Arizona, while they could certainly have a bump or even two in the road – they’re not going to just fall apart.

This patchwork team isn’t that team any longer – this is a MASH unit. It’s gone from torture to agony.

They still have my undying support, but reality is reality. The Giants are looking up at a mountain they don’t want to climb, much to the chagrin of the pitching staff who deserves nothing but the utmost respect.