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Oh September 1st, How You Help The San Francisco Giants

By Bryan Rose

September 1st, the day the 25-man roster expands to 40-man. The day floundering teams bench their veterans and replace them with unknowing rookies. The day playoff teams can mix and match their starters for some late season rest. And they day that the San Francisco Giants….actually get better?

If you’re expecting to see Orlando Cabrera, Miguel Tejada, Cody Ross or Aubrey Huff replaced in the starting lineup, well let me get in that dream. But the additions of speedsters like Darren Ford and Emmanuel Burris will be a welcomed sight as will the defense of Brandon Crawford.

For a team that plays so many close games, the addition of speed and defense really could be the difference between a win and a loss. Think of all the recent tough defeats the Giants have taken to the chin – had they been able to utilize some speed or had better defense in there, the outcome could have been much different in many of the situations. Hell, you don’t need to look much further than yesterday afternoon and the line drive to shortstop that Brandon Crawford most likely makes a play on, which preserves the 2-1 lead late.

Having wheels on the bench, especially for late game situations isn’t a luxury for the Giants come September 1st, it’s a necessity. The ability to get from first to third – the ability to steal a base or even put pressure on an opposing pitcher, when you’re consistently playing 1-0, 2-1 games, it’s literally a game changing attribute. The same can be said for defense, especially at shortstop which many consider as the most important defensive position. It’s not a coincidence in my mind that the Giants played much better in tight games when Brandon Crawford was scooping up ground balls and Ford was making a mockery of MLB basepaths.

With only 28 games left in the season, making up four games in the standings shouldn’t be considered an easy task – most certainly do-able, but a challenge given this teams run scoring woes. The additions of premier defense and elite speed will only help the black and orange, but we can only hope the aging veterans didn’t dig the hole too deep.