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Things I Heard During Last Night’s Astros And Giants Game

By Bryan Rose

The Giants are now 1-4 versus the Houston Astros this season. Not only that, they’re 1-4 versus the Houston Astros minor league squad as the Giants didn’t even play the ‘Stros before their firesale, which oddly enough, the Giants started with the acquisition of Jeff Keppinger.

Take away the Stro’s record versus the Giants this year, they’re 39-87. I’ll repeat that for you again, if you need me to. Yeah? Okay. 39-87.

So last night, when I heard this via our beloved Mike Kruow……….

"Houston is really putting it together, young guys are meshing well – they’re playing as a unit"

I couldn’t help but laugh, well, between the gagging sounds. Listen, no offense to the Astros, but they’re a bad team. A very bad team. The worst team in baseball, really. That’s not a slap in the face of Astro fans – they already know this. But they look better than the Giants do right now, I know that.

Then we have former Giants farmhand Henry Sosa, who has four career Major League starts, two of which came at the hands of the Giants. In his other two (versus the Diamondbacks and Cubs), Sosa was knocked around for 13 hits and 8 runs in 12 innings. Versus the Giants? Ah, glad you asked my little snowflakes – 8 hits, 5 runs in 11 innings.

So last night, when I heard this….

"You just have to tip your cap to Sosa’s pitching performance tonight."

I couldn’t help but laugh again, but this time the gagging sounds got worse.

Thankfully, I thought I was done. But unfortunately, I was wrong – Dave Raymond and Jim Deshaies of Fox Sports Houston made sure to put the doo-doo cherry on my pie of craptivity.

"It looks like the Giants have only won two games since July 20th in which they gave up more than two runs. Is that right? We’ll have to check."

You heard right. The Giants have only manged to win TWO GAMES in over a month in which they gave up more than a two-spot. A duo of broadcasters, who cover a team with 43 wins on the season was even shocked when they read that off the stat sheet – hell, they almost a sounded appalled. And guess what? They aren’t the only one.

I’m printing up the picket signs for the Giants pitching staff as we speak.