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Bruce Bochy Giveth – Bruce Bochy Take, Uh, Awayeth?

By Bryan Rose

Bruce Bochy’s kinda like that evil genius you can never really fully understand, well, except for that whole “genius” thing.

But once in a great while, he gets it. He really gets it. It might take a seventeen pound club to the head or a 7 for 12 streak with solid defense, but, eventually a bright idea penetrates that thick skull of his and something good comes of it. Case in point? This, per Baggs:

"Bruce Bochy says Brandon Belt looks more confident, has sense of belonging. Looks like the “FREE BELT” movement is winning."

Ah. Smell that? It’s the early morning nose fibers tingling with reality. What a nice feeling. Shame it took him this long to figure out what we’ve all known for months. However, you shouldn’t enjoy it.

Because when Bochy giveth, well, you know the rest….

"Orlando Cabrera, despite a .256 on-base percentage, is going to be the Giants’ leadoff hitter for a while. Moreover, Cabrera said he asked Bruce Bochy to stick him there, a “suggestion.”“I want to be there,” Cabrera said. “I want to get a lot of at-bats. I want to be capable of getting on base and scoring a lot of runs. We’ve got to do what we can to win this division.”"

For a while?


I’m just waiting for a Cabrera/Rowand one and two spot in the lineup for my head to fully explode. It’s only a matter of time…