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Giants Claim Heath Bell Off Waivers – Looking At Hernandez

By Bryan Rose

Per good ‘ol Buster (the other, Buster), the San Francisco Giants were awarded a waiver claim on San Diego Padres closer Heath Bell.

The situation certainly scripts a few question marks, the most important being the health of Brian Wilson. Clearly, with Sergio Romo and Wilson both nursing injuries and Wilson not being the Wilson we’ve become accustom to, it’s possible that the Giants fireman hasn’t been fully honest about his injuries as we all know the Bearded One doesn’t take too kindly to that naughty word. Or, it could be something as simple as the Giants wanting to add another elite piece to already stout (though currently scuffling) pen.

The other question mark becomes the price. Bell has openly stated his desire to return to San Diego (which may or may not have cost him a deadline move) and has said he will re-sign with San Diego at season end if they welcome him back. He has kids in the area schools, a newer home with a newly completed mega-pool and just generally enjoys the area so one could assume Bell would be a rental’s rental. The Padres would be able to get multiple draft picks if Bell didn’t return to San Diego, but he’d have to leave first….

Of course, it could all be for not as the Giants had no reason to not place a claim considering Bell would be a great help to both the Diamondbacks and Phillies.

I’d love to see the move honestly – although I understand the price tag concern many would have – all in all, seems like a far fetched move despite one’s feelings towards it.

In addition to the Bell news, the Reds placed catcher Ramon Hernandez on waivers today, but as Olney also reports, Hernandez does quality as a Type A free agent at season end and the Giants could be out draft picks. Pittsburgh and Colorado are also expected to contemplate putting a claim on Hernandez, both of which would hold priority over the Giants.