SF Giants Prospects

Seedlings To Stars Feature On Giants Post Wheeler, Minor League Staff

By Bryan Rose

Good ol’ Wally and Nathaniel from Seedlings to Stars continued their “Harvesting Opinion” pieces today with our very own San Francisco Giants as the feature . The two dissect the Giants pitching down on the farm and give some excellent prognosis on what they feel the recently traded Wheeler’s ceiling is down the road.

"As far as Wheeler goes, I’ve always fallen more in the cautious camp. I think the guy is going to be a major league pitcher, but given that his secondary stuff isn’t particularly well-developed and his control has never been very good, it’s an open question as to whether he becomes a #2 starter, Jonathan Sanchez-esque erratic #3/4/5 starter, a power closer, or just a fastball-oriented setup guy. At his age, it’s far too early to make the call on which direction he’ll take–he may figure out the control and develop his secondary pitches, or he may not. Given how high the attrition rates on pitching prospects are, and also that his control is already a major issue in the low minors, Wheeler was far from a sure thing."

If you weren’t a big fan of the Beltran trade, this might make you feel a titch better. I said a titch. Stop yelling at me.

You can read the full piece here.

Image thanks to Nutcap