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Giants Have Easiest Schedule Of All Potential Playoff Teams

By Bryan Rose

Yahoo Sports took some timeout yesterday afternoon to pour over the schedules of the potential 14 teams in playoff contention, breaking them down into a few categories and guess what? The Giants? They finished with the easiest schedule out of the 14, well, at least statistically. Of course, this doesn’t take into account the Giants are missing the majority of their should be starting lineup, but hey – semantics. And I’m not in the business of that crap! Miguel Tejada and Orlando Cabrera are taking us to the promised land!11!11!!!

Per Yahoo’s rankings:

"Opponents’ winning %: .453Home/road: 21/19Off-days: Aug. 22, Sept. 1, Sept. 8, Sept. 19Games vs. teams over .500: 9 of 40Key series: at Arizona, Sept. 23-25Overview: Fear not, Giants fans. Even if your team is looking distinctly like the post-Bonds-era crew of mediocrity, here comes a gift in the form of San Francisco’s schedule. After their next three games against Atlanta, the Giants play sub-.500 teams 31 of 37 games. They get to feast on the NL West, against whom they’re 28-17 this season, as well as seven games against woebegone Houston and three against Chicago."

You can check out the rest of the article along with where the Snakes reside, by clicking here.

If only this made me feel better. :\