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Santiago Casilla Has Most Odd At-Bat Of The Season

By Bryan Rose

With Brian Wilson and Sergio Romo both nursing minor injuries yesterday afternoon, the Giants bullpen was a bitch stretched. Hoping to get a little extra time out of Santiago Casilla, Bochy left the fireballer in the game after relieving Vogelsong for one out in the bottom of the 8th, unfortunately for Casilla (but fortunate for us!) Casilla’s spot was due up in the top half of the 9th.

As you can see above, Casilla was, uh, out of place in his first career at-bat. Sorta like a metal head at a Snoop Dogg concert. Seriously, it was bad. You know those movies where there is the really awkward nerd who wants the hot cheerleader but in his attempts to gain her love, he continually does silly shit, looking extremely stupid in the process until he convinces her? Yeah, it was just like that, except the awkwardness never left and the hot cheerleader was first base.

Casilla was literally stepping out of the box before the pitch ever made it to the catcher’s glove on what would be ball four. And even more lolz, he walked on four pitches – then was totally unsure of what to do after.

It, was awesome.

Edit: Also, interesting side note per Baggs. Vogelsong told him that pitchers in Japan would stand at the edge of the batter’s box in attempts to throw him off, which he says worked at first.