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Guess Who’s Back – Brandon Belt On Way To Miami To Join Giants?

By Bryan Rose

Yep. According to the Chronicle and Mr. Schulman, Belt is on his way to Miami per the Giants wishes. Why? My guess is Beltran’s wrist blew up in a horrific ass wiping incident or while playing a game of compare the flappy tendon’s with Mark DeRosa.

In all honesty, if the move is Beltran to the DL, while it sucks like a cattle prod to the eyes I’d prefer a healthy Beltran in September than one without a useable wrist. But ugh…

No move has officially been made nor has the activation of Belt been confirmed, it’s more of a “just in case” plan, if you will….but I’m guessing we’ll see Belt activated. Of course, he’ll sit on the bench while Mark DeRosa and Aaron Rowand split time, cause hey, VETERAN GRIT BABY!

UPDATE: Andres Torres to the DL with lower right leg contusion, also better known as phantomitis. Beltran still out of the lineup.