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Aaron Rowand Disses San Francisco – Contracts Foot In Mouth Disease

By Bryan Rose

First off, the quote from Mr. Rowand which appears in this weeks edition of Hot Corner, a feature written by Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun Times.

"JC: Thing you miss most about playing for Chicago?Rowand: Wearing the road uniform. And you know why? Because it said ‘Chicago’ across the front. I got goose bumps every time I would put it on.JC: Not so with San Francisco?Rowand: [Pause] Let’s talk about the Bears again."

Now, my first initial thought? San Francisco is where he works. He doesn’t have to like the city or the fans, for that matter. I’ve never known any sane professional athlete outside of Lance Berkman who didn’t care for SF, but Aaron never struck me as the brightest crayon in the box so I’ll let that pass. Fine. He can prefer Chi-town to The City.

Second thought being Rowand was an intricate part of the White Sox World Series team, something he was far from last year during the Giants run. Okay, so the White Sox ring has more value and merit to him – understandable. Silly, but, I get it.

But then after thinking about it a bit more – why? Why even open your mouth and say that? Or not say anything, in this case. You’re a member of the Giants. Are you angry you lost your starting job? Newsflash – that’s nobody’s fault but your own. You’re a professional baseball player and you couldn’t hit a beach ball if it broke more than an inch. Even if you’ve hated your time with the Giants, you can’t pull out a generic answer?

Nobody will ever question Rowand’s desire or work ethic – he’s a monster when it comes to both. I appreciate that as a fan, we all do. But at the same time, the results aren’t there. Not only are they not there, they’ve never been there with the Giants.

No, Rowand never specifically “dissed” San Francisco – but sometimes it’s what you don’t say that clearly gets the point across.