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So Zack Wheeler Wasn’t Brian Sabean’s Favorite

By Bryan Rose

There has been much ado about the infamous Zack Wheeler/Carlos Beltran trade, most of it involving analysts and fans alike who are both torn on the deal. Sure, it’s great short term – the Giants get a future, all be it aging hall of fame player in exchange for a talented but still A-ball level prospect. But how does that trade look in about four years when Beltran is on his last legs while Wheeler is most likely knocking on the door of the Mets big league roster? Well, if you were asking Giants GM Brian Sabean, it wont look so bad…

Speaking with Mad Dog Radio (via Mets360.com), Sabean said the following:

"However Giants general manager Brian Sabean said on Mad Dog Radio after the deal that Wheeler’s future might be as a reliever.Wow! That’s quite a comedown. Sabean might be blowing smoke but he does know something about developing pitchers. Sabean also said that the organization views Class AA lefthander Eric Surkamp (8-3, 2.05 ERA) at Richmond more highly than Wheeler."

As Jim Keller of Mets360 mentions, Sabean has a pretty solid track record when it comes to pitching – especially moving pitching prospects, so it’s hard not to give he and his crew of scouts benefit of the doubt. But Sabean also has a unique ability to contract foot in mouth disease a few times a season – knocking Wheeler wasn’t really needed, even if he does think his ceiling tops out better as a bullpen arm.

………………but it makes great blog chatter.

H/T to SFBleacherGirl