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Mark DeRosa Is More Valuable Than Brandon Belt

By Bryan Rose

Well, according to the Giants front office, that is.

With DeRosa reaching the end of his minor league assignment, the

soon to be injured

utility man was set to be activated on the big league roster or designated for assignment prior to this evenings tilt with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Of course the roster spot in jeopardy was either rookie Brandon Belt or DeRosa, a fourteen year veteran who has high levels of grit, is injury prone, likes to swing at balls out of the strike zone and can play multiple positions on the infield defensively with somewhat shitty results – so there really wasn’t much of a decision to be made concerning DeRosa’s future. Option Brandon Belt back to the minors, ’cause that’s how Brian Sabean and Bochy do.

I don’t wish any ill will on Mark – he’s a great guy and I hope he finally puts his wrist injury behind him. But I’m a realist – aint happin’. This front office has dicked around Brandon Belt more than a mid 90’s Jenna Jameson.

In a way, I’m thrilled Belt no longer has to pick splinters out of his ass on the Major League roster. Of course, he should be starting five to six days a week for the big boy’s – BUT NOTZ ENOUGH GRIT AND VETERAN WILL POWER FOR BOCHYZ. NOT HITTING CRAPPY ENUFF FOR BOCHY TO “LIKE” HIS AT BATZ.

Sorry Brandon. Maybe you’ll get a chance to start when you’re 34 or something.

Oh – one more thing before I depart and slit my wrists. DeRosa? Signed a two year, 12 million dollar contract. He has less than two months left on that deal. He has 13 RBI in his Giants career.

Over/under on one more RBI before he’s out for the season with a wrist injury?