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Giants Lose to Snakes; Zito to DL

By Melissa Felkins

Giants dropped game 1 in a 3 game series to Arizona last night. That puts the Diamondbacks within 1 game of being tied for the NL West leader.

Before the game it was announced that Barry Zito was being sent back to the Disabled List with a strain to his right foot, the same one as before. He received the strain

from kicking a trashcan after Bochy told him he was going to the DL for stained foot

after getting hit on it in Sunday’s game against the Reds. Funny, no one seems to recall that either. But I’m not complaining. He can stay there until the end of 2013 for all I care. Shockingly, Jonathan Sanchez was reactivated from


bicep tendinitis yesterday.

Back to the game. Here’s what was good. Cody Ross in the leadoff spot hit a solo homerun in his first at-bat. He also doubled later in the game. Huff hit a homerun, getting him to 10 for the year. Beltran knocked one into triples alley for a triple. Otherwise, the Giants put together two late rallies in the 8th and 9th, but failed to bring anyone home. Beltran grounded into a double play to end the 8th and Aaron Rowand flied out to Center Field to end the game. Rowand had a good shot though, and I think he’s settling into his pinch hitter role pretty well. I actually have stopped hating to see him come up to bat. #ThingsIDidn’tExpectThisSeason

Overall, I won’t say Matt Cain pitched poorly. He got reamed in the 6th, partly his fault, party defense, partly the umpires fault. But Arizona is legit and they are making a run at the Giants. They need to be better prepared today. The game did leave me with some hope. We managed 8 hits and got multiple runners on at the same time. We had some hard hit balls as well. I think it will just take more of that and eventually it’ll turn around.