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Cain Wins Pitching Duel. Giants Win 2-1

By Melissa Felkins

I’ve always liked Matt Cain. But this season, he just has a special place in my heart. Last night was no different. He continued to pwn Philly, throwing 6 shutout innings and only giving up 1 run, unearned on an error mind you, in the 7th. That would plenty good enough given how good our bullpen has been. Lopez and Wilson closed it out in the final 2 innings.

Whiteside had a rough night with 2 errors and getting ripped to shreds on twitter. But, he got a hit,  got on base and scored us the first run of the game, so I’ll cut him some slack for last night. You have to admit, he’s generally player better than he was when Posey first went down and he was trying to handle full-time catching duties. At least I think so. Rowand did this thing in Philly and hit a triple the night after blasting a solo home run. Rowand, as far as I’m concerned, should always play in Philly.

The game was good. Cain pitched well. The hitting was just eh, but at least we managed enough runs to win. The day of course was overshadowed by the Beltran trade, and rightfuly so. I, for one, jumped for joy in the middle of my office like I just won the lottery when I got the news.

Hopefully it’s like winning the RBI lottery for the Giants.