SF Giants Rumors

Giants Near Beltran Trade – Wheeler Going To Mets?

By Bryan Rose

Well, I was sure of two things. Brandon Belt and Gary Brown would be wearing the black and orange past the MLB non-waiver trade deadline. Say what one will about Sabean, he isn’t that stupid.

I was also pretty sure that Zack Wheeler wasn’t going to be traded – but oopsie. Mmm, crow.

According to multiple sources (even though a few say Wheeler is not in the trade) – it appears the Mets and Giants are on the verge of a deal that will send at least Carlos Beltran to the Giants in exchange for Zack Wheeler.

The final details of the potential trade are sketchy (hell, even the inclusion of Wheeler is sketchy, though, it’s becoming more evident as a strong possibility) – so no word yet on who or what else is included on either side.

But for now, it appears that the Giants and Mets are on the verge of some deal which most likely includes Beltran and Wheeler unless we’re told differently in the next few hours…