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As The Beltran Turns: Giants Fading In Trade Talks?

By Bryan Rose

I’m posting this because, well, actually I don’t know. You can hit me if you want – well, just not in the face. We can’t have damage to the money maker…

Anyway, Joel Sherman of the New York Post apparently spent most of his day on the phones with others in the know along with league front office members and has come to the conclusion that the Texas Rangers are now pushing the hardest for Beltran. More importantly, Sherman says the Giants (and Phillies for that matter) are “fading” in trade talks for the Mets outfielder.

And that, friends, was your daily As The Beltran Turns. Tune in tomorrow as the Giants will be the favorite again but this time, Beltran’s passport will come into question and he’ll really turn out to be 39 years old.

Then tune in next week, after the Giants acquire him, he’ll have PED’s sent to his home where his wife will sign for them and…oh wait, crap.