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Posturing? Leverage? Giants Looking At Rays’ B.J. Upton Too

By Bryan Rose

Carlos Beltran, who? You’re already tired of him anyway, right?

So while it could certainly (more like probably) be a mix of posturing and attempting to get leverage, the Giants are also talking to the Tampa Bay Rays about under-achieving outfielder B.J. Upton, reports Fox Sports.

Upton, the brother of Arizona Diamondback outfielder Justin Upton, has struggled severely the last two and a half seasons in Tampa, this after posting .300/24/82 with 22 SB’s and .273/9/67 with 44 SB’s the prior two seasons.

The former #2 pick overall certainly has the tools to be superstar, but the head? It’s always been the road block.

Now with Desmond Jennings scorching the basepaths in Tampa, Upton finds himself on the block – though, I can’t imagine the Giants are doing more than attempting to get the Mets to blink, despite the potential Upton brings.