SF Giants Rumors

New York Mets Assign Top Scout To San Francisco Minor League Games

By Bryan Rose

Per Jeff Passan of Yahoo:

"Source says Roy Smith, one of Sandy Alderson’s top major league scouts w/Mets, has been on Giants minor leaguers. Where there’s smoke …"

The Mets aren’t getting Gary Brown. Or Brandon Belt. Or Zach Wheeler. Or any other A-type prospect out of the Giants, nor any other potential suitor. Good as Beltran is, he’s still a free agent in three months who can’t be offered arbitration by his new team (or the Mets for that matter). While the Mets may ask for the moon, they’re getting nothing of the sort. If I had to take a stab, a trade centering around current Double A center fielder Francisco Peguero would be my guess, which given the circumstances isn’t too shabby of a haul for the Mets.

If they feel they could do better – more power to them, but Beltran isn’t a break the farm type given his current situation.