SF Giants Rumors

Giants’ Gary Brown Traded For Carlos Beltran? Not So Fast Snowflakes

By Bryan Rose

By now you’ve heard the frenzy that Newsday reporter David Lennon started with the Beltran to San Francisco “rumor”:

"Increasing chatter around #Mets suggests Beltran may be headed to #Giants. SF fits Beltran’s criteria, so good match."

And I’m sure you if you missed out on that one, you probably caught wind of NY Times writer David Waldstein’s tweet:

"Some Mets people believe Beltran going to San Francisco. Makes sense; well see."

In all honesty, the rumors which continue to grow by the minute aren’t that shocking. The Giants are obviously in discussion for the slugger, but the feeding frenzy has now turned to Giants uber prospect Gary Brown, who was an odd scratch from tonight’s game. The Mets have made no secret about their desire for Brown, clearly flaunting their scouts at the MLB Futures game in Arizona. And now with the questionable missed game – blood is in the water for trade talk, or, so one might think…….

What many are overlooking however is Brown’s contractual situation – one that makes it so he can’t be traded until after the MLB deadline, sometime in August at the earliest. Of course, he could always be the always famous PTBNL in a trade…..

And I could wake up a bajillionaire tomorrow too.

We all have our fantasies.

In short – I’d be in complete shock if Brown was wearing the blue and orange over black and orange in a few weeks – but I’ll eat my crow like a big boy if required. Well, I’ll probably shoot myself first – but you can spoon feed me, if you want.