SF Giants Rumors

Carlos Beltran Sweepstakes Down To Five Teams, Giants Included

By Bryan Rose

Good news, or bad news, depending on how you view the potential acquisition of Carlos Beltran.

ESPN’s Buster Olney is reporting that the Mets are in discussions with only five teams, down from the seven and eight mentioned a few days ago. Olney reports that the Red Sox, Giants, Phillies, Braves and Rangers are all still potential destinations but that the Indians and Pirates are no longer candidates for the outfielder.

The Mets sent scouts to the MLB Future’s All-Star game with intentions to watch Giants outfielder Gary Brown and rumors out of Philadelphia say the Mets are looking at multiple tool outfielder Dominic Brown in exchange for Beltran.

Remember, due to Beltran’s contract, he becomes ineligible for arbitration at season end – so given that fact, the Mets asking price seems to be outlandish for an all bet it talented, but pricey, injury prone and arbitration ineligible player.