Buster Posey

Buster Posey Inspired By Eli Whiteside And The White Hair

By Bryan Rose

Great read by Baggs, especially Posey’s take on what current Giant has inspired him:

"Asked if any player had inspired him most, Posey pointed toward Eli Whiteside as the quiet, white-haired catcher went over scouting reports a few lockers down the way.“That guy right there,” Posey said of Whiteside, a career backup who has shared everyday duties with minor league journeyman Chris Stewart. “He and Stew both deserve a lot of credit. I know as well as anybody that this is a great staff, a tough staff to catch. The job Eli and Stew have done, mentally, calling pitches, it’s been a lot of fun for me to watch.”"

Posey is continuing to progress in his rehab – today marking a significant hurdle in his recovery process as he is scheduled to undergo surgery to remove screws that had stabilized the torn ligaments in his left ankle. He’ll take a few days off to allow the swelling to reduce and continue his rehab late next week.

Get well soon, Gerald. We miss you.