Buster Posey

Karma Craps On Diamondback Blogger For Buster Posey Rant

By Bryan Rose

Back in May when Buster Posey went down in that horrific home plate collision, Jim McLennan of AZ Snakepit made quite a few headlines with his, uh, “interesting” views on the injury and Giant fans. You’re more than welcome to read the entire piece, but here are a few snippets:

"But, let’s be brutally honest. While on one level, it’s a terrible thing, there’s a dark corner of just about every non-Giant fan which woke up this morning, read that Posey could be out for the season and gave a little fist-pump. Because their team’s chances of dethroning the Giants as World Series champions just got a little bit better.It’s the weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth and beating of breasts to be witnessed coming from Giants’ fans. Their agony is my ecstasy, and I don’t feel very guilty about wallowing in that at all.To which I reply, succinctly: “Suck it, Giants fans. Suck it long. And suck it hard.”"

Classy is, as classy does.

So, we fast forward two months and find Mr. McLennan in a face to face tussle with Misses Karma. Why you ask? Well, in case you didn’t get your daily National League recap, homegrown Diamondback’s stud shortstop Stephen Drew broke his ankle last evening in a home plate slide while playing the Brewers. Drew, attempting to score from second base, got his ankle caught under him in his attempted score and will be out for the rest season.

So for 99.95% of Diamondback fans – we as Giant fans feel your pain. It’s gut wrenching.

And for Mr. McLennan – suck it, sir. Suck it long. And suck it hard.